Child Microfiber Booty Shorts

Child Microfiber Booty Shorts by Eurotard

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Microfiber booty shorts in many colors

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Since 1982, Eurotard has been making professional dancewear. For over 28 years, Eurotard products have been expertly engineered to maximize performance by using superior fabrics for supreme fashion and fit. Experienced workmanship and exceptional attention to detail assure the durability and performance that has set the standard in dance.

Eurotard is pleased to offer our child microfiber booty shorts. Our ultra-fine microfiber is engineered for a naturally soft look and silk-like feel. This luxurious fabric provides superior color saturation, consistency and retention. It delivers excellent moisture wicking properties and dries faster than cotton while being exceptionally durable. Shorts are available in sizes small, medium or large, and in Black, Fuchsia, and Purple colors. See table below for sizing recommendations.


    • Constructed of an ultra-fine microfiber for superior color saturation, consistency and retention
    • Excellent moisture wicking properties that dries faster than cotton
    • Available in a variety of colors, and in small, medium or large sizes
    • Order size based on the following chart:


Small Height 40 to 46″, waist 20 to 22″, hips 21 to 23″
Medium Height 46 to 53″, waist 23 to 25″, hips 25 to 26″
Large Height 53 to 59″, waist 24 to 26″, hips 26 to 29″



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